Pat Lockhart

from my kitchen to yours…

About November 28, 2011

   I have been cooking for over 60 years.  I have had so many friends  that taught me so  much and so generouly shared their recipes and tips.  Yes , it takes lots of work to prepare the best for your family,  but the  best is always  what you should give.  The “best” changes over the years  as we learn and  grow.  Take the recipes, make them your own, become  your family and friends “Top Chef”.

I am working hard to get all of my favorite recipes on the blog. I will always try to give credit to the wonderful cooks that I have loved and respected. Keep checking back……  Patsy

  This beautiful angel is my “GREAT”  granddaughter.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Tracey McFarland Williamson Says:

    Greetings, Pat,
    I don’t know if you remember but I cooked my first layer cake in your kitchen with Suzanne. We had flour everywhere but were so proud! Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor! Sincerely, Tracey McFarland Williamson

  2. Kathleen Dietrich Says:

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes! How wonderful that you are sharing!

    Kathleen Dietrich

  3. Evelyn Lockhart Says:

    Pat, this is great! When did you find time to do this?

  4. Bob Thomas Says:

    Pat-I just got onto your blog and put it on my I-Pad reading list

  5. Pat wyatt Says:

    Pat, I just loved your page and seeing your precious little great granddaughter. I miss seeing you in Birmingham. Bob and Evelyn dropped by to see Mom a couple of weeks ago. Yes she is still going strong is with me full time now. Her mind is sharp as a tack. Sorry to leave this personal message but did not see another place to leave it. I’m not to computer savvy and if you did all this you are great. All the dishes look delicious and I plan to try some of them. Pat Burnes Wyatt

  6. Hi, You have some wonderful recipes. I’m going to bookmark this and start cooking.

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